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What’ll you have?

Soda Joy is the result of 10 months of R&D to find ingredients and a process to produce a beverage that is light, refreshing with a high flavor profile and a soft mouth feel.

These attributes pull from other successful and refreshing beverages. Multiple production methods were tried including distilling to infuse fruit flavors into the vodka base, maceration to soak the fruit in vodka and a combination of multiple options.

None of these delivered a compelling flavor profile and worse, some produced cloudy, unappealing results. I started exploring flavor vendors and found a wide array of options available, not all flavors are created equal. What we needed was an all natural, juicy flavor that could be combined and stand up to the vodka and carbonation without being muted.

One vendor rose to the top: Citromax 

A family owned operation that was started in Argentina in the 1960’s and is still run by the daughter of the founder. What made them special is that they raise much of the fruit they use in their flavors in South America but even more importantly is that they don’t have or believe in a catalog of flavors. Each flavor they produce is custom tailored to their customers’ needs. This meant working through a number of sample flavors over weeks and providing notes back to them regarding the various flavors and what needed to be changed.

All of this culminated in a 2 day workshop in February, 2020 to complete the final flavors. Ultimately 8 flavors were developed and 3 are designated to launch in in 2020. An equal amount of rigor and diligence went into selecting the vodka base.

Rectification, as it’s called in the distilling industry, is the sourcing of a base spirit and then altering the spirit in some way prior to producing. Whiskey is often blended from multiple sources, Gin is typically neutral base spirit (vodka) and then infused with botanicals to impart the desired flavor. Vodkas are available from multiple vendors and derived from multiple sources, wheat, potato, grain and even sugar beets. We chose a vodka that is distilled from French grapes.

What makes this particular vodka special is that it has a very low astringency, meaning it doesn’t burn your mouth when you drink it. This was of paramount importance in the creation of Soda Joy because we didn’t want the vodka base to be overwhelming the natural fruit flavors. The end result is a beverage that is true to the natural authenticity it represents and gives people the light, refreshing adult beverage that’s perfect for any moment in their lives.