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The taste is all in your mouth

Flavor is a funny thing.

Everyone has their own preferences, biases, and opinions. In picking the three initial flavors, Cucumber Mint, Strawberry Mango and Lime Ginger, we picked the three most complex flavors but we also picked three that had a somewhat polarizing effect. Everyone who tried the flavors typically had a favorite flavor and one they didn’t really prefer. That’s a special thing when you can produce a portfolio of flavors and give people individual opportunities to enjoy.

When designing the flavors, I worked with a flavor company that doesn’t have a catalog. I tried a number of different vendors and most were OK but somewhat off the shelf. One vendor stood out because when I asked what flavors they had, they responded, what would you like? Ultimately they did send me a variety of flavors that I asked for and were very open to the feedback I had. We ended up picking a short list of flavors that we wanted to finalize and scheduled a workshop at their headquarters.

The morning we began tasting the flavors, yes, they had vodka and yes we started at 10am, they served them to me warm. I immediately requested two things. They needed to be chilled and we needed ice to test them with. The company was very polite but said they had never done that before. I asked “how do you know what it’s going to taste like to the consumer”. They got an ice bucket, chilled the product and we proceeded to test, refine and ultimately come up with 9 flavors (stay tuned we have more on the way).

Not being a seasoned beverage producer I didn’t know what I didn’t know but what I do know is how people enjoy adult beverages. This type of beverage is designed to be served cold and over ice. For one, that keeps the carbonation in the beverage longer, prolonging the soft mouth feel, but also its designed so that as the ice melts, the flavor doesn’t dissipate or become too watered down.

Certainly it’s not hard to overpower the beverage with ice and dilute it, but under normal circumstances the consumer will find that the flavor persists from beginning to end. Who only wants Joy on the front end? Don't you want it to last the whole time?

Of course you do, and we’re here to oblige.