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Parts are not just parts

After bringing in the necessary parts for our production system it became painfully obvious that we needed “parts” to put all of the pieces together. If only there was one place to get said parts, but no, it became an online scavenger hunt for the various parts to make our system work.

Then after an endless stream of UPS and FedEx deliveries, all of the components needed were in one place. Thus began the process of connectors, clamps and hoses to bring all of the system together. The system was assembled, filled with water for testing and turned on. Lots of noise, gas and working with the counter-pressure filler to get....nothing.

That’s right, the system had power, all of the stops along the way were connected, tank, pump, CO2 tank, carbonator, air compressor and ultimately the counter-pressure filler. It looks “good”, sounds like it should be working but no fluid came out of the filler into the cans. So I did the only thing I know to do in this situation, go back to the sources, the suppliers and crawl the internet.

After a brief search I found a video about how to set up a home carbonation system using the same carbonator I have. What I learned was key. One, I didn’t properly prime the carbonator so it was all pressure and no fluid and two, I had gotten brass fittings which are potentially toxic with carbonated water. I’ll chalk this one up to “better to be lucky than good” that in finding how to solve my system problem, I also avoided a potential contamination issue.

So more parts were ordered, this time in stainless steel and now we wait for the new parts to arrive!