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Onward and Upward

What a difference a month makes!

After 7 submissions we finally have TTB approval on our labels and packaging. That means that we can legally produce and sell the product. During the past month I have also purchased the various products and parts needed to produce Soda Joy in the distillery. We received a half pallet and can seamer to move from the 1 liter sample bottles to actually putting the samples into cans.

The seamer worked great right out of the box and I seamed 4 cans as a test and it was flawless.

After mixing up enough formula to produce a case of each flavor, assembling the carbonated water, inkjet printed labels and sitting down to hand mix the samples the seamer failed to work. It was dead! After troubleshooting and a week of back and forth emails, I finally got a replacement switch and installed it and was back in business. There’s a lot of things people tell you about what you need to do to be a distiller but one of them isn’t necessarily that you better be damn handy. Repairing the seamer required tearing down the entire machine, removing the motor and motor housing and connecting the switch module to the motor and then reassembling it.

Note to self, bring LOTS of tools to every job.

The samples worked out great, the flavors were spot on to the initial development. The carbonation was still a little low due to the fact that we’re still using bottled carbonated water. This will no longer be this issue (fingers crossed) once the inline carbonator and counter pressure filler are up and running. What will result will be something special since it is outside of the current conventional production methods for RTDs.