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Natural isn't just a slogan

I recently had the Joy of sharing Soda Joy with a friend, but the encounter was different than others that I've had.  She (name withheld for privacy) said she heard about Soda Joy and wanted to try it but immediately started grilling me on the ingredients, and most specifically what sweeteners we used.  The reason for this is that she has Celiac Disease.  I am quite familiar with the issues she faces and happily answered all of her questions with "none". 

What sugar do you add? None. 

What artificial sweeteners do you use? None. 

What do you do to make it sweet? Nothing. 

You see the food and beverage industry has not always been completely transparent when it comes to ingredients included in products you consume. From hype campaigns like the famous "High Fructose Corn Syrup is just Corn" campaign (hint, it's not) to the various artificial sweeteners and their chemist created names, consumer have had to be extra careful when they are facing health issues related to food. 

When I developed Soda Joy I had a few objectives in mind: to make a fresh, light beverage unlike anything else in the category, but also to make it with the best natural ingredients we could find.  We did exactly that, from our California grape based vodka to the all natural flavors specifically developed for us, we never add anything artificial to the beverage.  So far the feedback from customers has been amazing and BONUS, we got to help a friend find some Joy.  Now that's a good day.