Free delivery in Portland Metro area!

Our March Madness is over! Onward and upward.

March marks our first full month of sales and we couldn't be happier.  We've developed some incredibly loyal consumers (you know who you are) and we are turning over inventory in the OLCC warehouse at a pace faster than expected.  We are now up to 13 liquor stores across Oregon and we added Nevada to our list of states (Oregon and Arizona) that we can ship directly to consumers. 

The thing that makes me most happy is the feedback on the beverage itself.  I think you know how much we hate to be called a "hard seltzer".  Other than being a completely different kind of spirit, the category isn't known for quality taste.  We started Soda Joy with the premise that a canned cocktail could be delicious and didn't need to be held back because of poor ingredients or legacy production methods that don't do the beverage any favors. 

I was catching up on Craft Spirits TV and think that Abby Titcomb from 3 Floyds Distilling got the overall sentiment of RTDs exactly right.  The category has been plagued with less than amazing products (sorry y'all but it's true) and now that creative individuals are pushing the boundaries of ingredients and production methods, the results is a new batch of delicious canned cocktails that we are delighted to be included in.