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It’s Alive!!!

Ok, I have to admit just in case it wasn’t obvious, this is what I’ve wanted to write since I started on the turn of having to develop my own production line. It’s easy to say that you’re going to outsource your production. Sure, you’ve gotta develop the formulas and jump through all those hoops, but actually taking raw materials and making them into the product is something else.

After weeks of ordering parts, ordering more parts, having parts stolen off your front porch by porch pirates, and ordering more parts yet again, actually getting the entire system connected and ready to roll is more than a little daunting. Full disclosure, I actually hesitated turning it on because if it worked then that meant I had to stop planning and start doing.

After dispelling that thought from my head, I turned on all of the parts, got the pump pumping, got the air compressor compressing got the CO2 tank spilling its precious gas and low and behold, the f*(king thing worked. A beautiful stream of carbonated water spewed forth from the filler into the test cans, and it was good.

Not just “oh that’s nice” good, but actually an amazing blend of water and bubbles that a high end restaurant would charge you $30 for a bottle of and then bring you another without asking. I was tweaking, filling, marveling and somewhat basking in the glory when...zzz.

It seemed that after my initial missteps on the line setup, and running the filler to try to diagnose the issue, I emptied a 10lb tank of CO2. Luckily they are easy to get when you’ve got a credit card handy, and so I swapped out the empty tank for one twice the size. At least if I’m going to blast through CO2 learning, I can make less frequent trips to swap out empty tanks.