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Is that it? I think we finally got it.

Yes, for the record several people have now commented that the distillery looks more like a scene from Breaking Bad than a beverage manufacturing site and also we did just incorporate a pharmaceutical grade dosing machine to the front end of the process BUT it freaking works.  This was the first time that we produced a number of cases with what I can only refer to as our "Amish Craftsman" production line.  The doser worked perfectly to preload the vodka and flavor, after filling the ABV was right on target and the filler pressures are finally aligned.  The epiphany was so stark that I thought it must be broken when I wasn't continually sprayed with Soda Joy.  I actually stopped us from producing any more to take away what we made to taste it.  I had flashbacks to the previous attempt that ended up tasting like a$$ in a can (yuck).  Now, it's as designed, bubbly, bright, tasty and delicious.  Here we go kids, it's full speed ahead now!