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Ice is the secret ingredient

don't forget ice!


What was a very subtle decision on formulating Soda Joy is a very explicit serving requirement for its enjoyment.  Specifically I designed the flavor to be served over ice.  It’s a soda, who doesn’t want a tall glass of ice to pour it over.? As I’ve been sharing samples with friends, I’ve had to make sure to call this out.  Some folks have come back and told me they didn’t really think the taste was right.  When I asked if they used ice, consistently they would say no, and when they go back and try it again properly served - over ice! - they get the difference. 

This is going to be one of our challenges: to be sure that whoever is serving Soda Joy understands that ice is a key ingredient in the enjoyment of the beverage.  There is more to this story than just wanting a delicious cold beverage. Carbon dioxide, the gas that forms the bubbles in Soda Joy, stays in the solution better in cold liquid than it does in warm liquid (Remember Henry and his law of carbonation?). The gas that can't stay in solution will come out as bubbles when the Soda Joy is poured. That means a freshly opened warm Soda Joy will foam up more when poured into an empty glass than a cold one will. 

Bubbles form best on surfaces that have tiny rough spots where the gas can collect. Ice cubes have lots of those spots - many more than an empty glass does.  And it’s all those little bubbles that give Soda Joy the soft mouth feel that makes it so damn refreshing.  Even if you don’t want to think about all the science that’s gone into Soda Joy, just know that it’s made to be served over ice and will have a consistently great taste from the first sip to the last.