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Hmmm, that’s not right

One of my favorite stories about science and invention is about when Thomas Edison was working on the light bulb and he had over 1000 failures.  Someone asked him if he was discouraged to which he reportedly said “no, i’ve just found 1000 ways NOT to make a light bulb”.

That’s how it felt on Sunday when I canned what was in the tank.  I specifically picked Cucumber Mint to work on first because it’s the most finicky flavor.  If you recall, our samples from our now departed co packer were horrible and was one of the things that caused that relationship to be terminated.  Here I was accurately reproducing what I can only think of as a$$ in a can.  Clearly we’ve now accurately identified that CO2, and more specifically carbonic acid, has a VERY negative effect on our flavors. 

The thing that does continue to give me hope is that I have produced very delightful versions of the Cucumber Mint beverage on the benchtop but the secret was not carbonating the flavor, just carbonating the water and then combining it with the vodka/flavor mixture just prior to canning.  So that’s what we’re gonna do.  Retool the production line to only be carbonating the water and preloading the cans with the vodka/flavor mix.  Stay tuned.