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Flattery will get you...well, everywhere!

My first thought as I write this is to just say Thank You!  Thanks to family and friends who supported our launch back in February.  Thanks to those of you that have become amazing advocates for us to their communities (Trevor, Deb, Kris & Trish, and so many more of you), but I will say the most amazing thing we've seen is the broader community response to Soda Joy.  Nina Mehlhaf of KGW recently featured Soda Joy on the 3 new cool adult beverages for spring in Portland and the response has been amazing. 

When we launched we took a very focused crawl, walk, run strategy to make sure we could exceed customer expectations, ensure we had a good product market fit and just learn by doing.  We are continuing to expand our network and our promotion of Soda Joy so keep watching.  

Quick note for you, we have a few days left in our April photo competition.  Don't forget to post photos of what you do that brings you Joy and tag us on Instagram or Facebook.  You don't need to have Soda Joy in the photo, just share what brings you joy and tag us to enter.  #whatsyourjoy