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Does this one taste a little salty to you?

Well, tonight it happened.  After rolling the system around in my brain, playing with the pressures and constantly adjusting the equilibrium of the system it happened.  I filled a full can of Soda Joy, sealed it, labeled it, took it home and enjoyed the shit out of what is my vision for what the experience should be.  I’m sure I cried a few tears of Joy so they probably got into the can, but when i took it home and loaded a glass of ice and poured the first can it was nearly perfect. 

Soft bubbly expansion in the glass, the flavor just right there on your palette.  They are a little strong on the front end because you’re supposed to use ice, which I of course did, but I couldn’t wait for any temperature exchange.  The next few kept tasting better because I took my time and savored them.  It’s been an 18 month journey of which i’ve had to tackle way more challenges that I anticipated (welcome to a startup right?!) but through it all I had a vision of what the experience should be like, and proudly I did not waver from that. 

Many things tried to get me to change, but I have this thing.  When I’m really committed to something, I get a picture in my head of what it should be like and I remain relentlessly committed to making that a reality.  I have a lot more chapters to this story still in my head, but today we can safely say we’ve reached the end of Part 1, the creation story.

I had 2 people today compare me the distillery to “Breaking Bad”, which I took as a compliment to the spirit of what Water White was trying to achieve.  Let’s just hope I can avoid the cancer, gangsters and all the drama, but time will tell.