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Be careful what you ask for...

Early in my career I set goals for myself.  You had to have them, especially when interviewing for a new job.  You would always be asked "what's your X year goal" or "were do you see yourself in 5 years".  A hard lesson I learned was not to set goals too specific, such as a job title.  The worst thing about setting a goal like "I want to be a General Manager" and achieving it is that you no longer have a goal but you still have to keep doing the job regardless.  So you have to set a new goal.  That's kinda where I am right now. 

Three years ago I wanted to open a craft distillery, two years ago I wanted to get my first product onto the market and year ago the epiphany of Soda Joy became the goal and launching the first products in the product line (hint we still have more flavors on the way).  I know better but I also know that if you have have tangible goals, it can impossible to break it down into components and actually make progress.  So here we are, we launched the product to the public in February.  Feedback has been largely positive, we don't try to be all things to all people, just make a delicious beverage to be proud of.  Now the fun/challenging/hard part comes, what do we want to be when we grow up? 

Ultimately I can see Soda Joy being a national brand that rivals the big names in the industry.  It isn't impossible to see the path forward but it will take a lot of steps to get there.  That's where you all come in.  We need our customers to rave about us to their friends, neighbors and even strangers.  We need our retail partners to recommend us and place us prominently in our store and most of all, we need to keep the same passion that brought Soda Joy to a small part of the world to maintain us on this journey.  We're joyful that you're coming along for the ride.  I promise you it won't be dull and will be full of Joy!  #whatsyourjoy