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Baby Steps, Small Victories

This is a phrase that I often use when I’m helping others.

Its intent is to give people the courage to take steps forward and celebrate when they work out. Celebrating every step is exactly the type of Joy I thrive on. This was certainly one of those moments.

Just getting your labels approved by the TTB is a feat in itself, as I’ve previously mentioned, commiserated and then ultimately celebrated, but actually printing those labels and then applying them to a container with your product inside, well that’s just a whole ‘nother level of victory and joy. Tonight we fired up the new labeler, loaded the labels, prepared some cans and took that next major step toward a product.

While we are still weeks away from having an actual production line up and running to produce the final product, having some help in the distillery and sharing in the celebration made it even sweeter. I’ve learned a lot of things along this journey. I’ve learned about the legalities of making and selling liquor in the US, I’ve learned that there’s more than one way to make an adult beverage. I’ve learned that being handy is a skill that will never fail you and having a voracious curiosity will always pay dividends.

The thing that I learned tonight is that I have to be willing to share this experience with others, accept their limitations and move forward. It would be so easy to just keep doing it myself, having only myself to blame and push, but the only way that this endeavor will truly reach the potential that I know it has is to let others be a part of this and accept the gifts that they have to offer. I’m truly thankful for the help that some close friends have given me these past few months. They have shared in the excitement, helped me have better plans and most importantly, they have encouraged me to take that next baby step forward when I felt like it might be time to just rest.

Tonight I got to experience the kind of Joy you get when you realize that others might care about your goals as much as you do. Thanks Kokila and Matt for being here and making this journey better in only the ways that you could.