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Authenticity Matters

We all intuitively know our own story, but it's not often that we step back and take a broad look at the arc of our lives and what we stand for.  Typically it's when you meet someone new and you're getting acquainted.  These meetings usually have a context around them, new work colleague, potential life partner, friends of friends, and we've all learned how to put a lens/filter on that description of ourselves. 

I recently had the rare opportunity to help a friend with her radio show "Authenticity Matters".  The premise of the program spoke to me and when we talked about what she expected from her guests, I jumped at the chance.  Telling the story of my personal journey is very tied to the creation of Soda Joy and the philosophy behind the brand (as you likely already know if you've read earlier blog posts). 

At the core of this all is the big question, what's your Joy.  I hope that reading this post helps spark some personal introspection and gives you a path to find your own personal joy.  What brings you Joy is personal, but finding your Joy is a universal part of being human.  #whatsyourjoy