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A label by any other finish

In parallel to getting the production line up and running, we’ve been working on the website and product photography. It’s funny but true that your baby is the most beautiful baby and you never see the flaws. The Cucumber-Mint labels had a mark right in the middle of the face of the label that resembled a smear of the shiny finish. Probably a bit of a finger print left behind, but when we got the close up shots of the product it might as well have been a giant zit on the face of a teenager on yearbook picture day.

After a mild anxiety attack about why everything has to be so freaking hard, we contacted the label company and lo and behold, they not only wanted to see the labels up front but wanted to reprint them. Luckily it was only one of the 7 rolls produced and not a major block. While not something standing in our way, it was a gentle reminder that every small victory requires a commensurate effort. Small victories, baby steps.